Tamla Oates-Forney


The invest(her)

Tamla Oates-Forney is fully committed to the mission of transforming the world, one woman or girl of color at a time, due in part to her background and personal story of triumph. Tamla was raised by a young, single mother, who got pregnant at the age of 14. Despite having to overcome barriers and challenges, Tamla’s maternal matriarchs—her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother were successful entrepreneurs. They served as motivation and examples of what was possible as Tamla went on to become a notable philanthropist, a first-generation college graduate, and the highest ranking African-American female executive in a global company of more than 300,000 employees.



For the past 20 years, Tamla has been at the helm of one of the world’s largest infrastructure companies as a Human Resources Leader. Most recently, she led the HR function for an $11B global business with a team of over 43,000 employees.

The obstacles and opportunities Tamla experienced have all shaped her focus and commitment to helping other females succeed. It is faith and a passion to fulfill her purpose that gives Tamla’s life meaning. While she has experienced an amazing professional career, Tamla’s impact and reach extends itself beyond the C-suite. Over the years, she has engaged in connecting her purpose, expertise, and ideas to those in need. 

Tamla knows that positive exposure, sisterhood, opportunities, and personal/professional development can help shape the trajectory of life and success for countless women and girls of color in today’s society. 

The collective experiences of Tamla’s professional journey are an anecdote of ambition and practicality that other women and girls of color can emulate. From family to career to community, she has accepted the baton of previous generations to discover and do her absolute best, and in the same spirit, cultivates the best in others so that a legacy is created and excellence is achieved.

About TOFi International

TOFi’s™ mission is to “invest in the future, one woman/girl of color at a time.”

Through investments of time, talents, and financial capital, TOFi™ International is committed to supporting women and girls of color through all walks of life. TOFi™  is one company with three divisions, committed to making unlimited impact through philanthropy (TOFi™ Foundation, Inc.), thought leadership, and fiscal investments. Each division is carefully developed to provide complimentary services and resources to cultivate the community of women and girls it seeks to serve.


The HERs OWNly™ retreats are the brainchild of Tamla Oates-Forney. These one of a kind experiences combine Tamla’s love of mindfulness and rejuvenation with her passion for transforming the lives of women of color through intentional growth, camaraderie, resources, and learning.